Remus Hexacone - titanium

Remus Hexacone - titanium Remus Hexacone - titanium Remus Hexacone - titanium
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An unusual silencer with a very good mix of sound, power development and low weight:
Both end caps come in carbon; the sleeve is available in stainless steel or titanium.
Comes supplied with connecting pipe and catalytic converter.

With ABE approval and complete fitting kit.

The facts:

  • Even at the very lowest revs the BMW?s unique, bass sound is unexcelled.
  • Strong yet balanced development of power.
  • Strong performance gains across the whole RPM range.
  • Reduction in exhaust backpressure of at least 35%.
  • Significant weight saving of around 5 kg with a fascinating look.
  • Durable construction (inside completely made of stainless steel).
  • Dual-system end silencer (removable silencer insert).
  • Sports and racing silencer in one.
  • Easy to fit.
  • With European model approval certificate.