Type 640 Road

Type 640 Road Type 640 Road Type 640 Road
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  • Edition
  • Lift / Lowering Kit:
  • Height adjustment:
  • Hydraulic spring preload
  • Style of driving
  • Operation purpose
  • Weight of driver incl. clothes [kg]
  • Weight of passenger incl. clothes [kg]
  • Weigth of luggage [kg]
  • Frequency of passenger mode [%]
  • Frequency of luggage mode [%]


The basic edition of the Wilbers Adjustline mono shock absorber comes along with the same technology as the more complex versions. The difference is that here we leave out the compression reservoir and thus the options for adjusting high- and low-speed compression. Nonetheless this shock absorber does not make any compromises concerning response behavior or durability. The radial piston, wet run, teflon guided self-aligning bearings and other features redefine the quality of a standard shock. Like usual the spring preload can be continuously tuned and the rebound can be set over an open-bleed system in 22 clicks. The shock absorber can be retrofitted with many other Wilbers accessories.
Product may vary from picture.

Rear - hydraulic preload adjuster not in original position

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